Time To Get Serious About Our Health

After the 2-3 year lead in has finished, the sugar levy will apply to all those companies that produce sugar/alcohol products. With the implementation overseen by the ACCC, and those producers who are artificially inflating their prices will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

It has been projected that this levy will greatly improve the overall health of the nation within 5 years, based on nothing more than pretty graphs and sugar induced hallucinations.

This same modelling has projected that the sugar levy will only have a 0.01% increase in CPI during it’s implementation stage.

Does this sound plausible to you?

If it doesn’t this is exactly the same thinking that has been employed with the creation of the Carbon Tax/Emission Trading Scheme.

Putting a price on carbon, then compensating the population will not change the way things are done, nor will it cause those big polluters to change what they do as they are able to pass the end cost onto the consumer.

The only way to save the environment is with a realistic change in the way that things are done, and targeting those industries that are doing damage to our environment.

In reality, all I believe that the carbon tax will do is result in excessive raises in the cost of living having an impact on everything that it touches.

The ‘major polluters’ will have no incentive to change their production process as they are able to pass the all the costs on to the consumer.

It will have little impact on the carbon output of any of the targets producers because all they will have to do is purchase carbon credits from overseas sources, putting further pressure on the Australian economy.

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