How Can A Tax Save The Environment?

“A carbon price is critical to addressing climate change,” Australian Greens Leader, Christine Milne.

This one simple sentence is enough to have the Clayton’s Environmentalists raising their glasses in agreeance and shouting “Here, Here”. Though will it really save the environment, and what other measures could the government have been taken?

First and foremost, making something more expensive will not stop people using it. All you have to do is have a look at the number of people who still drink and smoke, despite the regular price increases.

Putting a price on carbon will ultimately only benefit those who are trading in Carbon Credits.

It is widely acknowledged that Australia will not be able to keep up with the demand for carbon credits, which means that the short fall will have to come from overseas. How much pressure will this put on jobs, our economy, the ever-increasing cost of living, and national debt?

Any extra cost incurred by the producer, due to the purchase of carbon credits, or fluctuations in the carbon price will be automatically passed on to the consumer. The consumer, having grown accustomed to their big screen TV, X-Box, and various other household appliances and already stretched to breaking point on their household budget will simply go without in other areas that aren’t as important.

Who knows, this could even include buying cheaper homebrand products at the supermarket, a majority of which are imported, or even resorting to junk and fast food in an effort to feed their family.

The compensation package that is attached to the Carbon Tax has the typical sliding scale reimbursement rate, with some sections of the community receiving ‘compensation’ to the rate of 110% to offset the projected (guessed) impact that the tax may have. The Government is happy to boast that 9 out of 10 families will be better off due to the compensation packages that are being implemented.

If saving the environment is everyone’s responsibility, shouldn’t we all take responsibility to fix it, and share the burden together?

With the Brisbane City Council announcing yesterday, that the Carbon Tax is going to increase rates by 1.9% who knows what the full impact is going to be.

This supposed Carbon Tax, could have been made a little more palatable to the wider community if the money collected was to go to things that would actually benefit the environment.

Things like a 100% subsidy to those who choose to use Green Power for their electricity requirements, subsiding those home owners who use solar energy to purchase or upgrade solar panels, or even funding public transport across the country to halve or remove the cost to the traveller.

Except none of this happened, so what is the ALP and Green’s real agenda behind this tax?

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