Same Song, Different Singer

Lately, it seems to be another day, another report/article comes out supporting the Gillard Government’s Carbon Tax.

This time around it is The Climate Institute, and their Climate of the Nation 2012 report.

According to this report, 28% of voters supported the Carbon Tax, with this figure jumping to 47% once it was explained to them that the tax revenue went to household assistance, business support and renewable energy.

Though I wonder what the figure would be if these people were also told the following:
* The Carbon Tax doesn’t target all industries, with the heaviest, agriculture being exempt
* The Carbon Tax doesn’t apply to imported goods, thereby making them cheaper when compared to a domestically produced item, putting pressure on our already struggling economy.
* That a majority of carbon credits that industry will have to buy  will come from overseas, also putting a strain on our economy.
* The household assistance package is distributed unfairly. If the looking after the environment is everyone’s responsibility, why should some be rewarded for it, and others penalised?
* That the Carbon Tax may not really change anyone’s behaviour. After all, they have already been compensated for any cost of living increase, so why should they do anything different?
* Or that a slaughterhouse in Queensland can simply close it’s doors for two weeks, and avoid a multi-million dollar Carbon Tax bill, which it’s competitors won’t have.

Once people have been told that, I doubt that apart from the most one eyed Labor or Greens supporter would come to realise that maybe the Carbon Tax isn’t as good as it is made out to be.

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Mount Coot-tha Candidate: Margaret Waterman – Katter’s Australian Party

As a follow up to Tuesday’s post about the candidates that are standing for election to the seat of Mt Coot-tha, you can read it here, I was contacted by Margaret Waterman from Katter’s Australian Party.

I can only guess that my post was brought to her attention through a Google alert or something similar, not that it really matters. What does matter is that she made the effort to contact me regarding her position on relevant local issues and to tell me more about the party.

During the email conversation, there was one paragraph, which I have added below, that got my attention, and what I believe sets her and Katter’s Australian Party apart from the rest.

What the Australian Party has given me is the opportunity to fight and to vote with my conscious for what is important to my electorate. Bob has told us that what is good in one electorate maybe totally different in another and he would expect that we stand up the people in our areas. So sometimes we would be voting against each other, and isn’t this what a democracy should be all about.

How many of the other candidates for the seat of Mt Coot-tha can say that?

Granted the party does have policies that I am opposed to, much the same as the other parties do. In that regard, Katter’s Australian Party is no better or worse than the ALP, LNP or The Greens.

I do not know anything about the KAP candidates in other electorates as I have not spoken to them, though if the paragraph above applies to them, as I am sure it would, then in the absence of an independent candidate, voting 1 for the KAP candidate may actually be the best thing to do for your electorate.

And when it does come time that those contentious bills are brought before parliament, it is up to you to tell YOUR elected representative how they should vote, based on how the electorate wants them to vote. If you aren’t able to muster enough troops to support your position, then that really can’t be the fault of your representative can it?

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Monday Morning Rant – 23 Jan 2012

I haven’t had a Monday morning rant for a while so I thought that today would be a good a day as any to have one. First off, I should let everyone know I do have my cranky pants on this morning. You have been dutifully warned.

The reason I have my cranky pants on is because I was woken up at 02:00 this morning.

While I accept the noises of the city in my stride after all, it is a trade off for living where I do, today was a little different.

Usually the noises of the city don’t bother me, and if they do happen to wake me up, I can just roll over and shuffle off back to the land of nod without too much of a hassle.

Not this morning.

Today, it was a 02:00 fire alarm coming from the building next door. You know that annoying bell that once it gets inside your head, it just keeps going and going and going. Then came the evacuation tone. As soon as I heard that I didn’t even try going back to sleep because I knew that it wouldn’t be too long before the lights and sirens from the BRT’s that belong to the QFRS came screaming down the street.

Sure enough, they weren’t too far away, and I could hear the sirens in the distance getting closer. The funny thing is that once the two BRT’s got into the street, they turned the sirens off, so all I was left with was the flashing lights. Those of you that know me, know I am always distracted and mesmerised by flashing lights and shiny things, and even though it was a little after 2AM, today was no different…

Anyway, thankfully it was a false alarm, and they trundled off on their way, once they had the issue sorted.

I breathed a sigh of relief and thought I would be able to get back to sleep again. So I fluffed up my pillow, grabbed by Humprey B Bear teddy and closed my eyes…

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The Election Campaign You Have When Not Having An Election Campaign

Those of us that are able to think for ourselves know that we are in the early stages of what will be an interesting election campaign in the lead up to the Queensland State Election, whenever that may be. Though the only one that doesn’t think this is the Premier herself, instead trying to convince us all that it is part of the normal media releases that they put out.

Which brings us to the next question that is anyone’s guess, when will we be heading off to the polls?

I’d be willing to make the prediction that it won’t be held until after the council elections at the end of March. By doing this, she is handing everyone else a free kick as they can claim that this is a premier that is desperate to hold on to power for as long as she can.

An April or May election will give the spin doctors and number crunchers time to judge how much anti-Labor sentiment there is by using the SEQ Council elections as a litmus test for the battle that lays ahead. This will also allow enough time to settle with the report into the 2011 flood due to be handed down in Feb, along with her planned ‘carve up’ of Queensland Health.

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What Can/Should The Australian Government Do About Whaling?

It’s about that time of the year where things start getting interesting out in those frigid waters of the Southern Ocean. Though this time around the news worthy stuff happened off the coast of Bunbury, when 3 Australian’s boarded the Japanese Whaling ship the Shonan Maru No.2.

Regardless of what side of the fence you are on with regards to the whole whaling issue, you would have to agree that the behaviour of the ALP Australian Government has been deplorable.

Here they are on one hand professing that they are against whaling and that they are in the process of taking Japan to the International Court about the legality of whaling, yet on the other are doing nothing to enforce the laws of Australia in territorial waters. (Whilst the court case being launched in 2010, it will be years before a decision is reached).

As Paul Watson has said a number of times, this matter highlights the hypocrisy of the Australian government. They will send the navy out after poachers in our Northern waters and detain those involved. Yet when it comes to Japan whaling in Australia’s Antartic Territorial Waters, all they do is wave a finger at them, and make a few phone calls.

Whether you think the boarding of the Shonan Maru No.2 was legal or not is beside the point. The fact of the matter is that this happened within the internationally recognised Contiguous zone of Australia, where Australia may exercise the control necessary to prevent or punish infringements of its customs, fiscal, immigration or sanitary laws and regulations.

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Bob, Did You Really Think Julia Would Agree With You?

It seems that our beloved ex PM, Bob Hawke, has had a go at his own Labor Party. This time calling for reforms to the structure of the party to prevent the trade union movement from suffocating it with their own agenda.

Unsurprisingly, our current PM Julia Gillard, who was orginally given the top job by the faceless union officials in Federal Labor come back with.

“I believe our great trade union movement is important to Australian society and for representing the needs of working people. It was the trade union movement, shoulder to shoulder with the Labor Party, that fought back and got rid of Work Choices. And we’re going to up keep the fight”

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realise that she was going to say this after all, how could she say anything different coming from a union background and owing her first stint as PM to them?

What is surprising is that this comment has come from Bob Hawke, past leader of the federal ALP, former ACTU president and member of the Australian Fabian Society.

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