Cameron’s Rules

Sitting down the other night to watch one of my favourite Dr. Who episodes, ‘A Good Man Goes To War‘, there is a line that started me thinking.

Madame Kovarian – “The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have too many rules”
Dr. Who – “Good men don’t need rules. Today is not the day to find out why I have so many”

Whilst all of the Dr’s rules have never been completely listed, some of the important ones are:
#1 – The Doctor lies.
#7 – Never run when you are scared
#408 – Time is not the boss of me.

This then got me thinking about all the other people that have ‘Rules’. For example, Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS has his rules, of which I think there are 50 odd. I discovered Clint Eastwood’s Rules many years and then not long after that I found Bob Parson’s Rules.

Having been to more than the occasional personal development seminar and training program I decided to dig out all those things that you write down while there and compile my own set of rules.

The complete set will soon be found on this page, once I have dug out all those pieces of paper, and typed up what I wrote down. I have included the first few here, just as a bit of a teaser.

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Monday Rant: My List Of Peeves.

I haven’t had a Monday morning rant for some time now, and I thought today would be a good enough day as any to do it. Especially seeing as I woke up to people running around like chicken little making all sort of pointless comment online after the spate of shootings in Brisbane over night. One of which is literally metres from where I live.

Anyway, here is my Top 5 list of pet peeves.

  1. Coffee Too Hot To Drink.
    I am very specific when I order a coffee. Usually it is the biggest size they have, with a double or triple shot, depending on the size of the cup,  the vegan version of their soy milk (remember, not all soy milk is vegan), and the most important part, COOLER.
    I am a little bit precious when I drink coffee, in the way that I would like to be able to actually drink it. Not be forced to sip it for the next 3 hours because the temperature is hot enough to melt the teflon coating of a frying pan.
    I do understand that the milk has to be heated to 60C for some reason, though there is nothing to say you can’t put a little bit of cold soy in the top, so I don’t burn my precious tongue.
  2. Umbrellas.
    Not the umbrella as such, just those people who insist on walking along a crowded street when it is only looking like it might drizzle a bit.
    Those out there who don’t really care what damage their brolly inflicts on people, they wave it around, it bobs up and down all over the place. The unfortunate part is that the little pointy metal things at the end tend to be at the same level as my eyes are. Personally, I’d love to see umbrellas being prohibited from use if there are more than 3 people within a 20 metre radius.
    Don’t get me started on those who bring a golf umbrella to a sun shower…
    Come one people, it’s not the 1920’s where the umbrella meant everything, why can’t we all wear the ever fashionable japara?
  3.  Disciples of the Electronic Alter
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