Time To Get Serious About Our Health

Australia is quickly becoming an obese, sugar and alcohol dependent nation.

Our deteriorating health is having a disastrous impact on all facets of life, and contributing to cost of living increases. Whether it be the annual private health insurance rate increase, reduction in quality of life, increases in diet related illnesses, along with the added pressure on our ailing health system.

The common cause of this increase in our national weight, can be laid solely at the feet or processed sugars and alcohol.

Something needs to be done now, whilst we as a nation are still in a position to reverse this trend. If we fail to act now, all we will be able to do in the future is struggle in vain to stem the tide.

For this reason, I propose the following:

Australia needs to implement a processed sugar levy.

This levy won’t change anyone’s behaviour, nor stop them buying sugary products. Though the public will believe it because of the spin and glossy brochures that will be sent out to everyone. To make it a little bit more palatable, the government will pretend to invest in alternative sugar sources, such as artificial sweeteners and other chemical compounds.

It will work in the following manner. In the first 2-3 years of its operation, approx 1/3 of businesses that produce a product that has sugar/alcohol in it will be subject to a 25% levy on the price of the final product. This levy will not apply to those products where the sugar is a result of it’s fruit content.

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