Whats On The List Of Priorities For State Funding?

Hardly a day goes by where the media and the ALP opposition aren’t making some sort of noise about the withdrawal of funding for particular projects by the current LNP government.

In recent weeks, we have seen the closure of GoPrint, Q-Fleet, SDSFanfare, the Darling Downs Correctional Centre, and Skilling Queensland, because they were running at a loss or the Queensland Government just couldn’t afford to fund them any longer and work towards reducing the current debt level.

Yet, there is one project that is going ahead despite declining interest, the LNP government is willing to hand over a minimum of $110 Million dollars, which the state cannot afford, as part of an infrastructure upgrade and in a vain attempt to revitalise this ailing industry.

That industry is Racing.

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The Single Life – Online Dating

Being the passionate writer that I am and always on the lookout for new topics for this blog, I thought that I would have a go at online dating.

It’s not too hard to find any one of a number of blogs or even mainstream media columns about dating written from the female perspective, though there aren’t that many that are written for the Brisbane based male.

That is, until now.

I thought that I would try my luck on one of the paid and free sites, and see what happens.

The paid site is RSVP and the free one Oasis Active.

With both of these sites, I have copied as much of  what is in my Partner Required post as I can, and added a few pics from facebook.

An interesting thing that I discovered is that if you do a google search on a random sentence from the profiles, the original post comes up in the search results. So it will be interesting to see if anyone actually does that.

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A blog post about not being able to write a blog post

Lately I have been feeling a little bit uninspired with regards to writing new blog posts.

And it has been a bit of a weird funk that I am in too. Usually I can sit down with paper in front of me and  THE pen in my hand and write something worth publishing on here, except that has been a bit of a struggle to do. I’d start writing something get about halfway through and either lose interest in it or reread it and not like how it reads, and stop writing.
Instead of getting frustrated looking at the half written blog posts that I have, today I decided to write a blog post about my frustration at not being able to write a blog post. And yes, I am aware of how ironic that is.

With it being a wonderful day here in Brisbane, I decided to aim for a change of scenery and see if that helped at all. I am writing this while sitting in my jeep about halfway up Mt Coot-tha, looking out at Brisbane’s CBD, I have the roof off and the sun is setting behind me.

I originally came up here to get the inspiration to finish off the half written posts that I have, when the idea for this post came to me.

What do I think caused this period of lack of inspiration?

I cannot say for sure, though what I do think is that this writers block is a result of me putting unrealistic pressure on myself. After I decided to run for a Senate seat at the next election I realized that everything that I write and publish online will be focused on a lot more. This lead me to wanting everything to be perfect. Being my own harshest critic, I believe that this extra pressure has resulted in me over thinking what am writing, rather than just letting it flow.

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Memoirs Of The Man Flu

Last week I was unfortunate enough to be struck down with the debilitating Man Flu. Thankfully, it isn’t fatal, and I did survive, though I can tell you it was touch and go there for a few days. If it wasn’t for the primal masculine desire to soldier on despite the overwhelming odds, it would have been easy to succumbed to the virus.

Being the sort of person who knows he is destined for fame, fortune, and fiction, I have a journal where I write about my exploits on a semi-daily basis. This is mainly to make it easier for my future biographer to write about me when it comes time for the story of my life to be written.

What follows are experts from the days where I was a semi delirious victim on the man flu. Names have been changed to protect the innocent

If you doubt the seriousness of the Man Flu/Cold, check out this informative YouTube clip.

Day 1:
I have a sneaky feeling that the man flu is about to strike me down.
One minute I’m sitting at the computer righting some of the wrongs on the internet, and getting ready to watch tonight’s episode of Dr Who.
The next thing I know, I’m curled up in bed with a fever that would melt the Polar Ice Caps, and the shakes so bad that you could mix paint.
I think the best think for me to do is spend a day or two in bed and then I will be right as rain.
I can always watch Dr Who tomorrow on iView on the iPad.

Day 2:
Spent the day in bed.
Slept for most of it, apart from the occasional coughing fit.
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It’s Time To Take Our Health Back

We have seriously got our priorities wrong in this country when a fresh squeezed juice or a Cheese Burger, 10 nuggets and a small coke all retail for the same amount.

Our ‘health’ industry is heamorraging to the point of collapse.

We are being hospitalised, operated on, and medicated for diet related and easily preventable diseases.

Australia’s adult and childhood obesity rates are climbing at an alarming rate. So much so that there is a good chance that today’s children may be the first in history to be out lived by their parents.

Our time poor lifestyle, and obsession for quick and easy foods has resulted in an addiction to preservatives and processed sugar.

We have eaten our way to excess for so long that a cure-all pill will no nowhere near being able to fix it.

Was this something that we wanted to have happen, or was it foisted upon us while we were sleeping one night?

It’s high time that we told our governments that we need to see real spending on health, in the form of making fresh fruit and vegetables more accessable and affordable to those on an already stretched budget.

We need to get consumers away from fast food restaurants, and the convenience of using them as an every day place to eat.

It’s either a case of spend the money today, or we will all pay for it tomorrow in the form of further increases to health spending  due to the looming obesity pandemic.

Our diet has to change. Not only is it killing us and it is killing our planet too.

We have to get back to the days where a majority, if not all of the food on our plate comes from the farm, not a factory.

Time To Get Serious About Our Health

Australia is quickly becoming an obese, sugar and alcohol dependent nation.

Our deteriorating health is having a disastrous impact on all facets of life, and contributing to cost of living increases. Whether it be the annual private health insurance rate increase, reduction in quality of life, increases in diet related illnesses, along with the added pressure on our ailing health system.

The common cause of this increase in our national weight, can be laid solely at the feet or processed sugars and alcohol.

Something needs to be done now, whilst we as a nation are still in a position to reverse this trend. If we fail to act now, all we will be able to do in the future is struggle in vain to stem the tide.

For this reason, I propose the following:

Australia needs to implement a processed sugar levy.

This levy won’t change anyone’s behaviour, nor stop them buying sugary products. Though the public will believe it because of the spin and glossy brochures that will be sent out to everyone. To make it a little bit more palatable, the government will pretend to invest in alternative sugar sources, such as artificial sweeteners and other chemical compounds.

It will work in the following manner. In the first 2-3 years of its operation, approx 1/3 of businesses that produce a product that has sugar/alcohol in it will be subject to a 25% levy on the price of the final product. This levy will not apply to those products where the sugar is a result of it’s fruit content.

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We All Have Baggage

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, watching last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, The Wedding Bride, got me thinking a bit more about the whole relationship thing and poor Ted Mosby‘s quest to find true love.

What was interesting about this episode was that it was talking about ‘the baggage’ that we bring with us when we start a new relationship.

The funny thing about baggage, is that as much as we say that we don’t want someone that has any, we all have it. Some of it is good, some of it is not so good, the trick is to not let it interfere with your next relationship, because who knows, the next one could be the one that makes it all go away.

Whilst this may be a lot easier said than done, it isn’t impossible, and it can be done.

Just the same as there never seems to be a ‘right time’ to have a relationship, we shouldn’t let the ‘baggage’ trip us up and miss an opportunity.

We all know that the universe is a mysterious and wonderful thing, and that it rarely sends us anything when we are ready for it. Preferring to deliver things to us when we need them the most, and putting us in a position to grow as a person and actually enjoy this life that is ours.

Think about all those little sayings that we hear all the time about making the most out of life, and not letting a moment pass you by. Momento Mori (Remember you are mortal); Don’t Put Off til Tomorrow, What Can Be Done Today; to name a few.  And, not forgetting, if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

Let’s not forget that relationships are about helping each other to grow as a person, and for you both to become that person that the other can’t live without.

If you are going through a bit of a tough time at the moment, and the universe has figuratively or literally dropped someone in your lap, who knows, they may just be the very person that you are looking for to help you through whatever it is that you are going through…